Romina Caruana is an actress and author born in Agrigento, Sicily. She graduated with highest honors from the University of Palermo with a degree in modern languages. She is also a founding member of the Actor’s Center in Rome and is currently attending the Los Angeles Actors Studio. Ms. Caruana now lives in both Los Angeles and Rome.


     “Books are my bedtime friends, no matter the genre or theme. I always read a few pages of a good book before turning off the light. But in the case of The Dance of Souls, the ten minutes I usually spend reading have stretched to all night; I could not stop reading before the last page. It’s not only a well-written and overwhelming book, but also valuable for Romina’s exploration of the subject of autism, a disorder that has always struck me as a mysterious evil, which is scary and very human at the same time. The book of Caruana works in two directions: while you are reading it, it reads you, too."

 ~ Franco Nero, Actor

     “I appreciated the lightness and the lack of victimism. The Dance of Souls, in a memorable,haunting and suggestive Sicily, is a very feminine and sensual book that captures your attention even after reading it.” 

~ Vincenzo Amato, Actor, Sculptor

     “I read your book with tears in my eyes...It caused a storm inside of me and brought to the surface a lot of emotions that I daily try to keep under control. You have no idea how much I saw of myself in both Eleonora and Letizia. It seemed as if I was reading about my life...Thank you for sharing your story. I needed to hear the words of the wise indian. Maybe one day I’ll be able to purify myself as well..."

~ Cristina I., mother of an autistic child

     “Romina has penned an inspiring story about autism and her brother’s journey navigating through this mysterious disease. As she writes in The Dance of Souls, there are numerous facets to autism including behavioral, medical and emotional, and she deals with all of them in way that will encourage and inspire parents and other family members of autistic children.”       

~ David Dunham, Publisher

     “This deeply moving and poetic story is one of survival, redemption, self-discovery and acceptance. A breathless illustration of our human bonds and how they mold our very essence. From autism to transcendence, these souls embody the dance."

~ Wendi Morrison, Musician, Environmental Advocate

     “Knowing Romina as a person it was only half of the story: as an actress she revealed herself as a multifaceted rare gem.”

~ Enrico Mastracchi Manes, Producer

     “I met Romina at a film festival in Georgia. Her eyes had that sparkle that you seldom see; when you do, however, you know that person has a love of life that will guarantee success in what- ever they choose to do. I read Romina’s book, The Dance of Souls ten months later and realized that the sparkle in the eyes emanated from her loving heart and her beautiful soul."

~ Bob Saporiti, Senior Vice President International Marketing / General Manager Warner Bros. Records

     “The Dance of Souls is at once a treasure trove of luminescent poetry, a fascinating education about the mystery of autism, and a practical psychological ‘How to’ manual for turning the raw material of meaningless suffering in this life, into the priceless gold of purpose filled transcendence. In this wonderful book Romina Caruana reignites our heart’s latent knowledge concerning the alchemy of love.”  

~ Keith Merritt, Screenwriter

     “Romina tells her story with a very sensitive touch. The same sensitive touch I have experienced on the set by knowing her as an actress.”

~ Carlo Siliotto, Composer, Golden Globe nomination

     “In this evocative, tender, and masterfully written book, Ms. Caruana has managed to give a very human voice to autism while giving us a personal narrative that serves to move and inspire and, most importantly, illuminate a disease that has for too long lived in the shadows. It is a brave work. Told with humor and heart, The Dance of Souls truly shows how great pain ‘can be transformed into light and joy for life.’ Autism is not a curse. And we can all learn, while being entertained, from this beautiful book.”

~ Spencer Garrett, Actor

     “After working with the talented Romina Caruana for two years, I can say that she brings expansion to the roles she plays, her choices as an actress are always on target and interesting."

~ Nikkolas Rey, Theatrical Agent